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Loving Sunday :)

These are some of the quotes and pix which I love and find some meaning in life!!!! To find out, check out here. There are many beautiful pics!!!


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Be you. Find you. Be Happy with that.

I am still finding myself.  I do not wish to suit others to change myself. I want to be who I am and be proud of my own uniqueness. Its sometimes difficult to do that as community as a large view you as not . I want to be myself and not slave to something which I am unhappy about. I got the photo from this post. Thanks Lizzy. I find its very inspiring. i have found the owner of this photo, you can view her here.

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Resort World Sentosa (RWS)…

I went to the first official opening for Resort World Sentosa after work, here is what i managed to capture:

The hotels are the Crockford Tower, Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel and Hotel Michael, which together offer 1,350 rooms and 10 restaurants.

Genting Group chairman Lim Kok Thay said the integrated resort will next open the retail and dining strip, Festive Walk, to be followed by Universal Studios theme park and then the casino, for which it is still awaiting a licence to operate.

See how grand is the Festive Theatre with the architecture and lighting:

Below is the entrance of the Casino, Its big with so many entrances and gantries: Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, they should be

expecting alot of visitors coming to gamble. It looks quite grand!

I love how the lighting shone on the white structure and how the whole hallway is so high and big. The wall display RWS posters and their company display. 

As we entered to another area to go up the escalator, there is music and you see the white lightings are alot of small tv which create an image of dolphins.

Here is another view and change of color of the image…

This is one of the hotel lobby, I love the lantern lighting in the ceiling 🙂 The color is so colorful with orange, blue, yellow



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Body Show @ Clarke Quay

Make a guess where am I on my first day of shut down week 🙂 Finally for 2 weeks I do not have to work and get to relax.  Here is the scenery i managed to capture during my lunch at Clarke Quay @ Central’s Kopitiam Level 4. So colorful. The view is breathtaking.

I managed to catch “The Body Show” @ Clarke Quay. Its from 27th November 2009 until 22nd February, 2010 from 10am to 10pm. Its very interesting to see those organs inside our body – hows its really look like and how does it works. There are 5 main Categories – Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, Head & Nervous, Musculoskeletal and Our Body. 


Here are some of the photos that I took :

 Skeleton riding on a bike . How cool is that 🙂

For this, Skeleton playing golf and on the right hand side is a real human body preserved which you can see the bone, nerves and everything under the skin.

Up close and personal on the human Body, Its look so real with the eyes!

He is kicking foot ball…

Are you able to see the black organ? Make a guess what is that?!? Its a black lungs due to smoking! So ugly right.

This is the diseminated body slice by slice to be displayed here.

Those black black stuff are smokers lungs and dirt…

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U Flower & Organising Threads

Flower, flower and more flower….. can u see i  love making flowers? Different type of flowers 🙂 This is a U folded pleated flower. Red & yellow color is so striking… i shall do one pink one, its should be nice… Can be used on card , layout or on hair pin. I will try to show you how fun it can be !

Beside doing this today, I have also made some organising of my threads that I have bought from Diaso. So colorful threads!

Once I have open and used the thread, It will turn like that and very messy.It will have knotes. See below pic.

Hence I used my Big Shot and Spellbinders Nestabilities Label 2 – second smallest die to cut the shape out . Using used cardboard or those that come together with your mail. You can re-used them.

Afterwhich you will roll your thread as shown onto the cardboard:

Here is one of the complete roll of black thread:

Here is my complete set of colorful threads :

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Singapore Christmas Decoration @ Orchard Road –

Christmas is around the corner about one month later! Time files and its going to be end of the year soon. Yahhh… I Love December. Why?


  1. My Birthday is around the corner
  2. Japan trip is coming soon
  3. Presents and gifts during the holiday seasons
  4. Cooler weather since it rains almost daily
  5. Christmas Decoration and songs everywhere

Cheers 🙂 Have a good day ahead. So do you like this year Christmas Deco?

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Shopping @ Ikea – New Clock

Magnetic Clock by Ikea

Hello Just want to share on what i have purchase from Ikea, Its a magnetic board clock. How genius is the idea to have a clock that has a magnetic base!?! I love this clock and its color Its bright orange and since I do not have a clock in my living room.

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