Have a goodies day

Today I have no cards to show you. But I am excited to have my papertryink products and Stamp It cards magazine to arrived at my doorstep! I have been waiting since last month for the papertrey’s countdown so I have actually waited for 2 months to save on the shipping fees to ship them out. Can you feel my excitement and happiness to see my goodies… Ha ha !

More paper, ribbons and buttons in every colours!!!!! What more I can ask for…  Can you have enough buttons? I loving all the delicious colours here:

Going to enjoy my goodies! I cant wait to show you what I can do with all these products!

I am off to read and enjoy my magazine – full of great ideas and many papertrey related card has been published in this issue!

Thank for looking! Thanks to everyone who comments on my blogs. I am grateful that you take your time to look at what I have created! 

Thank you.





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2 responses to “Have a goodies day

  1. Suzzi

    I am a huge fan of those stamps. Is it better to do shipping on the countdown?

    Congrats on 2 peas you deserve – the most beautiful card I have seen in awhile (and not shabby chic instead still just as elegant.)


    • Gladys

      Hi Suzzi,

      Thank you so much:) you made my day! Feeling so happy that you like it. Yes the stamps is awesome. If you ship them on the countdown, the duration will delay as there will be alot of people ordering. but you can also consolidate your package to meet the shipping fees! Hope thats help!

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