Dear Lizzy – American Crafts Line

Sunny Spot

SnapDragon Soiree

Swallowtail Social

Sweet Strawberry

Puddle Play

Lazy Ladybug

Honeydew Hop

Growing Green

Golden Gleam

Giddy Grasshopper

Dragonfly Dance

Cheerful Cherry

Beehive Brunch

Flowering Fields

Apricot Afternoon with adhesive back

Firefly Festival

Magnolia Morning

Garden Gala

Aren’t they so cute and sweet colour? I am loving what i see. What about you? Next up is the embellishments that come from it:

Stamp – Warble

Springhouse Crochet Flowers

Remarks Journaling Stickers

MiniMarks Rub-Ons – Pounce

MiniMarks Rub-Ons – Perch

Adhesive Ribbon – Lovely ( Oh i love the 1″ Sheer Ruffle Stitiched on Satin) Please refer to Here.

Ribbon Card – Lively

Remarks Stickers – Frolic (Glitter Accents)

Flair Adhesive Badges – Shiny

Remarks Stickers – Fancy (Glitter Phase)

Hi ya! I am loving everything I have seen. What about you? Thats all from now! Enjoy your day !



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