Day 8: Shibuya & Home Sweet Home

Today is my last day in Japan and taking a evening flight back home! In the morning, we still have time, we visited Shibuya as its early and shop not open. So we had a good lunch at one of the japanese restaurant. As the menu is in Japanese, we had a hard time explaining what we want but luckily there is a China lady waitress to help us :).  Here is what I had: Very yummy !

As it takes quite some time for the food to arrive, we decided to go back to the nearby shopping to grab some fu dai! Its a tradition which they had only for New Year time, its a super discount goodies that they gather some items from their shop and put into a bag for sale. Customers do not know what they will be getting but it will be a lot of products worth which they pay a lesser amount for.

Tata thats the end of my Japan trip 🙂 Its an eye opener and hope to go back again!


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