Day 7: Ueno & Asakusa

Happy New Year! Twenty ten 🙂 Its my last second day in Japan…. Time flies and I cant bare to go back Singapore!

Since its New year, most of the shop will be closed 😦 no shopping for me! so sad! so we decided to go to eat first and go Ueno Park

We ate at this shop with vending machine:

Next stop, we will be going to Ueno Park

Can you see the above pic that many Japanese went to the temple during the New Year. What a long quene in front of the temple! Can you see below pic show the bird all lining up on the pole so many of them!

Can you see the map of Uneo Park?!? Its so big! So many thing to see … Its a must to go during Cherry Bloomson season. It will be so beautiful because there is so many trees over there!

After a walk in Ueno park, we decided to head straight to Asakusa…..  On the way, we seen some interesting things: the below pic show a hugh display bug  at the resident area!

Below is the place where you can buy those shop / restaurant / equipments such as plates, food display and etc…. Most of the shops are closed except for one or two who still open during the New Year Day.

Yeah finally we found the street Asakusa where there is alot of people! While we are walking on the street in the neighbourhood, its seems to be a dead town! Asakusa is crowded with people going to temple, there are shops opening selling New year goodies, like our Chinatown during Chinese New Year. There are free sampling of their goodies and they offer a very generous amount like half of the actual one. Not like in Singapore they will slice into tiny weeni bits and think that you are greedy if you eat more than one!!! 

Next is the famous temple: alot of people quening up to go in and police is there to monitor the situation! There is a restricted zone which you need to quene up to go in ! Thus I am outside snapping this photo.

See how long is the hotdog! its cost 300 yen if i remember correctly:

Thats the end of my Asakusa trip. I bought the wrong stuff so i need to go back to KiddyLand to exchange so went back and took more photo:

Since today is the last night at Tokyo, we decided to go up the 30th storey which is the highest floor to see the nightview of tokyo Tower:


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