Day 5 : Sanrio Puroland

Its has been a dream come true since I love Sanrio so much – Little Twin Star! Its a paradise island for me to go there to see myself! Its located at Tama Center where u got to take a railway – Keio Line from Shinjuku to Chofu and change to get off at Tama Center Stn which took about 1 hour and 45 mins … Its a long journey! It seems that this area is the Hello Kitty Town – as you can see the town area map below: 

First we went to the locker to remove our heavy jacket to lock them up in the locker below which cost 100 yen:

I went for the Sanrio Character Boat Ride where you can see all the Sanrio Characters: Here is what i managed to captured:

Hello Kitty’s house! It’s life-sized too! And bright pink! At all times you can see people forming long lines to get into the house. Beautiful windows with white heart-shaped railings. Pink brick walls!

Finding myself in the ladies which are all in pink and white! So cute!

After a long quene, managed to see the cinnamon dance show: the characters such as mocha, milk, chiffon, espresso and of course cinnamon

Before we end our day, we went to daiso again in the nearby area. There is also a shopping center nearby to have dinner:

See how big is the tomato on my hand! Omg…. its so huge!

The strawberries are so bright colour and nice shaped!! should be sweet huh!

Even the brocolli so green and big!!


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