Day 3: Hakone

Good morning day 3 in Japan, woke up early to catch the train to Hakone. Do you know that Japan is one hour ahead of us? Say Singapore 9am, it is Japan 8am! I am a night owl and so difficult to wake up so early 😦 its a torture!!!! Below is the picture of the train which I will be seating to Hakone. Its a old one as the new one no seat. BUt i look new to me and the direction of the seat will change, it will rotate 360 degree depending on the direction of the train is going! So High tech!

This is how the train station look like which I capture myself with:

Once we reached there, its was too early to check-in to the hotel so we decided to take the train to tour around Hakone. First stop will be the Hakone Gora Park which was opened in 1914 on a large stretch of land measuring about 36,000 square meters in Gora Heights that was built as a garden mainly for the upper classes.

 This picture shows the month of flowers that is grown in this garden.

Are the flower lovely?  Surprisingly in the winter, these flowers are able to grow so brightly and nice. We been to the Bougainvillea House where there is a whole collection of hibiscuses displaying exotics colors, as well as celebrated flowers and rare flowers rich in fresh colors that blossom throughout the four seasons, Bougainvillea House is always full of tropical ambiance.

In the center of the garden, there is this center piece fountain where the purple flower grow around it. The view is magnificant! Can see mountain and sky from here. Its very nice and worth visiting if you are a nature lover!

Next, we came cross the craft house which is opened in April 2004 under the theme “gift for myself” where you can create by yourself marvelous and personal works of arts that can be found nowhere in the world! Feel the joy of creating things by yourself! Enjoy creating works in four categories: blow glass. pottery, sandblast and dry flower arrangement.

Next we will go for our lunch time, its very cold and feeling hungry again. we managed to find a local shop for some food: Here is what i have Japanese Rice Omelette

After lunch, we continue our journey to see the cable car

Its already 3pm. So we need to head back to the hotel for check in. Its a traditional japanese hotel inn its called ‘Ichinoyu’ – one of the pioneer of the hot spring hotel industry in Hakone area with free dinner and breakfast included.

Once we reached we have to remove our shoes and wore the brown slippers that they provided.  Below is the area where we kept our shoes in the lockers inside. And the key is a wooden key of the number lock.

Here is the entrance of the room, our room name is Ume which is one of the flower / food name, it think.  Below is the picture of the room that you have seen when you enter the door, with only a space as big as a balcony. Is that the room we going to stay for night! Its scared the hell out of me. Why is it so small?

Next we tried to open up the door we could see, first its the tatami bedsheet and pillows….

On the left side, its more comfortor and more bedsheet:

Here is the view from the hotel:

For dinner, we had traditonal Japanese steamboat to end my day with.


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