Day 2: Shinjuku and Harajuku

Day 2 (Dec 27) : Good Morning Japan…We went straight to the the Train Station: Shinagawa JR line to catch the train to Shinjuku and Harajuku.

Since i am going to see Mt Fuji on Dec 28 and Dec 29, would need to book the Romance car Odayu Station at Shinjuku to Hakone. After buying the ticket, we proceed to this shopping mall

Can you see the rose display the year 2010? Its so sweet right 🙂

Shinjuku view from here…

Managed to see the Burberry Blue Label building 🙂 But never go up and take a look whats that about!

I did also went to Isetan at Shinjuku . Its an old building which is very structured and have alot of different department one building for woman, another for men and for food. Its very prestige looking brown and beige color.

Then I went looking for Tokyu Hands at Time Squares Takashimaya.  Its has about 6-7 storey high and alot of stuff there very creative. I took a photo of the pirate cartoon puzzle of the whole series together.

Afterwhich we proceed to Harajuku, as you can see in the picture there is alot of people there. There is alot of small little shops where teenagers shop. 

After one long walk and the temperature is getting colder, we managed to find this sweet potato van shop selling HOT sweet potato which cost only 400yen. Its a blessing to have something hot to hold onto in a cold weather 🙂 . Its very sweet and nice to eat on the way of the journey.

On my way, I seen this little white cute cottage cafe. I thought its was interesting to capture this : very cozy and vintage feeling.

Before we know it, its around 5pm and the nite start to fall in pretty early. This is the nite view of Harajuku.

KiddyLand! Yes.. I finally able to find kiddyland is a toy store where kids and adult are so happy in this store! its a 6-7 storey high with different level of product range.

After that, we are all hungry. We found a 3rd floor bbq restuarant which they have a range of raw meat and salad to finish off the day. Its very nice and didnt managed to capture any photo because we all too hungry!


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