Day 1: Here we come TOKYO

Hello 2010… This year I would start off with my trip to Japan from Dec26, 2009  to Jan 3rd 2010. Its was a great trip with cold weather around 10 degree, new airport and new destination….

Here are some photos to share :

Day 1 (Dec 26) : I am at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, first time flying at T3. Its was a wonderful experience flying from T3 – taking SQ12 via Tokoyo Narita Japan Airport @945am

Finally I was able to board the flight and I am in the airplane seating for about 6 hours before reaching JAPAN…. Here is my view from the window:

After long 6 hours of flight finally reached JAPAN at 5 plus and the sky is already dark. Managed to catch the airport limousine which cost about 3,000yen at 6.10pm to Shinagawa Area Hotel to Hotel Pacific Tokoyo. 

It took about one hour plus to the hotel and reached around 7 plus to Hotel Pacific Tokoyo.

Hotel Pacific is a very accessable hotel to the JR line from Shinagawa station. Three-minute walk from the Takanawa-guchi exit of Shinagawa Station, JR (Japan Railway) / Keikyu Railway

Here is some photos of the hotel:

The above is my favourite toliet bowl so far i have used. Why? you might asked because its has a seat which is warm enough for cold weather to keep your butt from cold. There is also function like spraying water to clean your butt. I find that Japan is a place that favour female. 🙂

As for dinner, I had a pack of fresh sushi. Its so pretty packed and freshed.


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