Organsing – Scrapbooking

Recently I have been eyeing on this chrome shelving set which Ali Edward had in her – ORGANIZATION + STORAGE and Eve Johson – Evalicious had bought. I have been searching for this unit and found them in Howard Storage locally.

 I love to see my scrapbooking supplies in sight and how the adjustable shelves fit the height. And also I have bought the hooks and baskets which can be placed on the unit and hangs stuff. At the side bar, I have bought those small baskets in daiso long ago from HK  and they fit nicely for my glitter mist and bottles of buttons.

I would think all scrapbookers love Ikea and Diaso as an idea storage solution place! Me too 🙂 Love them!! Hahaha…

Previously I went to Bali, I saw a steel making company selling different steel structure and I bought the manniquenn and bird cage. I love the structure. Not sure what should i be doing with that. I have decided to put hooks on the manniquenn and put my embellishment on for hanging them on my table top. How cool is that! 🙂 I love seeing that on my table. It will display the latest embellishment i bought so I will remember to them first 🙂

Here is my organising technique. Let me know yours if you have a better idea of how effective and efficient to find your scrapbooking needs :). Thanks.


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