I Won a Free Class !!!!!


 This monday is a good day… When i open up my mailbox.. Guess what i have received?!? You won Tania’s class! worth $35 from Stephanie Vetne… woohoooo.. Today is a Happy day = Sewing + Scrapbooking… I cant wait for the class to start on Sep 7th!!! 


For three weeks this September, Tania Willis will show you how to use fabric on your scrapbook pages in ways you never thought possible. She’ll have you reaching for fabric instead of patterned paper and adding a new level of texture and dimension to your projects. As with all of Tania’s classes at Get It Scrapped!, Scrapbooking with Fabric is jam-packed with original ideas and detailed how-tos. What’s more, Tania spends a substantial amount of time in the class forums chatting and answering questions, posting tips, resources, and even challenges that come with great prizes.

Scrapbooking with Fabric starts September 7th!  You can see the full class syllabus by visiting the registration page for Scrapbooking with Fabric!

Have a good day ahead 🙂



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2 responses to “I Won a Free Class !!!!!

  1. chimpsgomoo

    Congrats! That sounds like SO much fun! I hope you’ll post about it!

  2. baby008

    Yes!! I will share the class in my blog 🙂 Thanks for looking!

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