Farm Mart Centre Here We go…



Here is the map of the Farm Mart Centre – it consists of alot of animals , vegetable & Fruit, fishes Farm.. 🙂 We start off at around 11 plus by the time we reached there its already noon. 

The most interesting part is the fish spa at Qian Hu… The fishes are big big fishes!!!!! which cost only $5 per person… Normal  day will be $10 which consider cheap. Me and my sisters enjoy the fish spa … Initially my small sister scared as the fish is really very big compared to those smaller ones. The bigger fishes clean the dead skin more faster then the smaller ones….



After that, we went straight to Changi Airport where there is an exhibition – with bloated platform for kids to play



After a long day of having fun and game, we have a birthday party for my nephew 6-years-old at Jalan Kayu -“Mad Jack”. Here is the Number ‘6’ cake which is make of chocolate and banana. Its very nice and rich cake with Hershley kissess  …




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