Bali here i come – Aug 6 to 11







Bali, Indonesia,  is amazing city with sun, sands and sea… Everyone is wearing slippers and very casual. The scenery is breath-taking 🙂 Love the sunset and the nature. But for those who are not nature lover, there are still alot of water sports you can do over there 🙂

Climate: December to March – West monsoon can bring in heavy shower and  high humidity.

June to Sepember – Best time to vist as humity is low and can be quite cooling in the evening

Location that I have been to : Kuta / Seminyak / Ubud / Kintamani/ Tanah Lot

Villa that i have stayed : Dream Villa and Bali Rich Villa near Seminyak where all the shopping area is nearby. i am lucky to be able to stay in 2 different villa because they cannot find any room in the morning for us to stay. Hence we are transferred to Bali Rich. Both Villas are very nice but I still find Dream Villa is the best. Their staff are courteous, helpful and friendly. The rooms are well kept and there is personal butler to drive you to the place you want nearby without any fees.

Loots : Maggi Mee  – the best maggi mee – Mie Sadaap Mee Goreng which cost less then $1 for 5 packets!!! Best deal!!


Covered Shoes made from Suede leather – I could say they are the softest and most comfortable shoes I have ever wear. And they are custom made to your design and color that you want.



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