My Weekly Dose of Inspiration

I have been to the world of scrapbooking for about less than 1 year, i love to see other wonderful scrapbooker’s work. Here is my weekly dose of insiprations that i have been eyeing on:


MONDAY/ WEDNESDAY / FRIDAY : Jennifer McGuire’s thinking inking class – This class will focus on many techniques of inking and stamping.  Each week will cover a different the, and each week will have three parts.  Each part will have a project and video.  That means three videos a week – 27 in total!  The videos will show several techniques… meaning almost 100 techniques will be shared.
I am always looking forward to seeing her class. She is so amazing and talented. I love her job which is my dream job too :). 

Kristina Werner’s Make A Card Monday – She made beautiful card every Monday and Friday with video to show you step by step instruction on her making the cards.


TUESDAY : Ali Edwards’s Tuesday Tutorial  It is a weekly feature showcasing inspiring how-to projects related to scrapbooking, storytelling, and photography by many talented scrapper & also Celine Navarro’s Inspiration Tuesday – where she will post a project, a layout, a little something that she made that will inspire you, guide you to a new technique, maybe lead you to a new way of creating.


THURSDAY: Kristina Werner’s Color Challenge & Unity Hip Hop Thursday


FRIDAY: Patty Cross’s Organisational Friday


SUNDAY: Noel Mignon’s Tips & Technique –  I love all her tips and technique that she is sharing on her blog, its so verstaile that one product can be used.

Let me know if you have any webpage that you can share with me.


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