Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden


Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden @ Singapore Botanic Garden

The children’s garden was named after its main donor the late Mr Jacob Ballas, a Jewish-Singaporean philanthropist who passed away in 2000.

Built at a cost of S$7 million (of which S$3 million was donated by the Jacob Ballas Trust and sponsors), it is located at the quiter Northern end of the botanic gardens. It has its own Visitor Centre with a cafe. It was opened on 1 October 2007 (Children’s Day). NParks claimed it is Asia’s first children’s garden. There are play areas like the Water Play area, a small playground, tree-houses with slides, maze…etc. There are also interactive exhibits areas like teaching how photosynthesis work in a fun way, mini-garden that showcase different uses of plants like in making dyes, beverages or as herbs.

At the children’s garden visitor centre stand an interesting wooden-looking sculpture by an Israeli sculptor Zodok Ben-David. Named “Mystree”, it was commissioned by the Yad Vashem Museum (Holocaust Martyrs) in 2003. From a distance, the sculpture look like a tree but a closer look reveal 500 human figures forming the “tree”!

Although it is part of the botanic garden, it has its own entrance along Bukit Timah Road (same entrance as the Bukit Timah Campus of the National University of Singapore).


Hahaha I love finding out the history of the place which i visited. I love the wooden-looking sculpture . At first, it looks like a tree… but when u look closer. its branches is made of lots of little ppl. Its very interesting 🙂


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