Kuala Lumpur (KL) Trip

I went on a holiday to….


kl-hotelKuala Lumpur from May 29, 2009 (Fri) to Jun 1, 2009 (Mon) for a short breakaway 🙂 Its nice and looking forward to this trip for my Rest & Relax. This is the Petronas Twin Towers (also known as the Petronas Towers or just Twin Towers), in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are twin towers and were the world’s tallest buildings, before being surpassed by Taipei 101.  a little fact about the Twin Tower. Its truely a magificent building i would say its very nice and represent KL.













KL Trip

Here is some of the photos that i took. Photography is not my forte and all my photos require to be edited before they can post up. The camera that i am using right now is Canon Digital Ixus 55 5.0 mega pixels. I am not sure why everything that I took  is all BLACK or dark!!! And the battery is frequently low battery. Not sure why. Tempting to get a good camera but not sure what… My sister mentioned its DSL but i do not want those which is very big and need to change lens as I am not very professional.

Ok back to my KL trip…. I stay in the Berjaya Time Square which is very convenient. For those travelling by plane arriving at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Express trains from KL Sentral station connect to the airport in only 28 minutes.Then proceed to take the KL Monorail to the city center and exit at the Jalan Imbi station that stops in front of the hotel’s façade. The Hotel itself has all the shopping area, restaurant , cinema, Theme Park, Bowling centre etc… Very big i would say. You would walk till you are LOST…. ahhahha. The most time that i spend over there is to visit their cinema – its cost only Rm 8 – 11 for one movie so I have seen 3 midnight movies in 3 days :). I have seen the Angels & Demons, The Night in The Musuem Part 2 and Terminator Salvation .


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