Subaru Impreza Challenge – Regional Face-off 2008

Today is the DAY for winning the Subaru Car Challenge… Woke up at around 6am plus to bathe and prepare to go to Civic Plaza @ Takashimaya. Hopefully can win a car …. ahahha…..  I am abit scared and wonder how long I can last w/o sleep, water and toilet break.

Once reached, there is a long long quene .. so many ppl would like to enter for the challenge. Its amazing.  At last, registered for it. Need to wait till 9am to see if qualify for the Lucky Draw. Finally they announced that all gals are qualify for it as the number of gals is less then what is required for the challenge 🙂 so Happy.. I got in!!!

Guess what I have managed to stand for 24 hours and 38 mins in total 🙂 Its real test on your physical and mental (attitude, motivation and tolerance) to be able to pull through it with only 5 mins break for every 7 hours.



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