My Very First LO

All About me

All About me

This is my very first virgin Layout (LO) I did for scrapbooking. I have post it up for a challenge in Made With Love (MWL), hopefully it can win me a RAK 🙂 so excited.  One word to describe how you feel about yourself. As of now, I feel so carefree. Tomo is Thursday 🙂 New Arrival for Scrap stuff is tomorrow.



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2 responses to “My Very First LO

  1. redoaklines

    congratulations on your very first LO! it turned out amazing! my first LO definitely does not compare to yours!!

    will be back to read your blog,

  2. dreamieland

    i love sassafras lass too!! Welcome to the wonderful world of scrapbooking and i think we will be seeing you around MWL very often!! =) take care!


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